Friday, February 13, 2015

3-D Cups

Second graders learned how to use an ellipse to create the opening of a container such as a cup.  We sketched our cups in pencil first and painted them with the Alpha-Biggie tempera cakes.  Next time we used oil pastels to add another layer of color.  Beginning by outlining with black and building our patterns and designs using many colors of oil pastels.   Here is where I saw the idea for the Cups.  (This art teacher teaches in Italy)...oh how I wish!!!   We used different media, but the idea was awesome!  We are going to look at Wayne Thiebaud's yummy paintings next and create a series using the same medium.  Watch for our donuts and cupcakes to come.


  1. Great patterns and colors in these!

    1. The kids really enjoyed creating these! I had to pry the oil pastels out of there hands at the end of the 40 minutes! :)