Friday, May 8, 2015

Kindergarten Portraits

Teaching 5 year olds to look at shapes in more detail is how they got such great likenesses on their portraits.  We begin with a "U" shape in the middle of the paper.  We drew our portraits in brown crayons.  

At the top of the "U" shape, I show them the 3 parts of an eye.  The football shape, the circle for the iris and the black dot for the pupil.  I ask them to draw carefully trying to make each eye the same size and shape.  

We move to the nose with a tiny U shape and two curves for the nostrils.  For the lips, we begin with a lip line.  I show them how to use their finger to draw an imaginary line straight down from the inside corner of the eye.  We even do this on our own faces.  This way they understand where the features belong on a face.  We draw the lip line first, then a curve for the bottom lip.  I ask them to turn to their neighbor and ask them what their top lip looks like....two mountains, or two hills.  They love this part!  Is their top lip more pointed or rounded??

We add a neck and shoulders.  I ask them where the top of the ears lines up, and they are correct when answering by the eyes.  We draw the top of the head with a curve and I show them several hairstyles on the board.  Is their hair parted in the middle, on the side, do they have bangs, braids, ponytails, or do they have a buzz cut???  It was fun watching them add all the details that make them individuals.  Check out some of our portraits below.


Monday, May 4, 2015


I have been trying to work in time for my own painting.  A feat that can be difficult when you are an elementary art teacher.  Those of you who do what I do....know what I mean.  I am showing the month of June and July and needed 8 fresh pieces.  I love painting all types of subject matter and especially love bold bright colors with heavy brushstrokes.  I think this happened because I was trained in college to be detail oriented with my painting.  It just feels SO freeing to be able to move and swing my arms when I paint!