Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kindergarten Rizzi Birds

After looking at several of James Rizzi's bird paintings, my "kindis" did a step by step drawing with me.  I showed them a front view and a side view of the bird's face.  We wanted ours to have a springtime theme, so they added flowers to the painting.  It was a great opportunity to practice our painting skills.

Here's how we did them.

1.  A basic sketch in pencil, followed by painting over the pencil lines with Alpha Biggie Tempera Cakes.
2.  We used a black marker to outline all our lines the second session, and used oil pastels to add color to the beaks, and flowers.

Aren't these just darling......

I LOVE the different sized eyes on this one.

Here are more of the precious Rizzi Birds.

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