Saturday, February 14, 2015

Creating Makes Me Feel Better!

Yup... it's Valentine's Day!  And yup.... it's also my birthday!  Yes, it is worse than a kid having his/her birthday on Christmas, but I have learned to "get over it"!  Had big plans today but instead am staying in working on some small pieces of art because I am sick.  My students sometimes get a little too close when I'm demonstrating and I think I ran myself down this week, so I am paying for it now.

The good thing is...I'm not too sick to create.  These are two 5" x 7" pieces I finished today.  Liquid watercolors with black sharpie.  I really like the contrast between the bright colors and the black!  I like to make these cards to give away in unsuspecting places to unsuspecting people.   Not sure where I will drop these yet.

BTW... I have been going back and forth about which name to use on my artwork.  As an art teacher, I am professionally known as Ms. Welling.  But I did get married in November and I think I am going back to the name I was born with.....   Linda Limbach
It has a nice ring to it!  Now off to get some chicken noodle soup!

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