Thursday, April 9, 2015

Collage in the Style of Teesha Moore

Teaching students how to compose a piece of art with images and other materials can be challenging to say the least.  They usually want to apply everything to their collage.....and I do mean everything they have access to!   Being selective and giving them steps to create an interesting finished piece is the key!

I recently showed them a powerpoint I created with the work of artist Teesha Moore (with her permission of course to reproduce her images for teaching purposes).   You can check it out HERE.

I created this step by step lesson when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007.  After missing a half year of school with treatments, I ran across Teesha Moore on pinterest.  I loved her work and began a collage of my own.  It was truly healing!  This one was called "Faith".

I did not do much with the idea for a lesson, until I was diagnosed a second time with breast cancer.  After my double mastectomy and missing yet another half a year in 2011, I was feeling pretty low.
I began my second collage titled,  "Some Days You Just Have to Get Over It!"  Doing this piece finally got me out of my funk and looking forward. 

Not only can this lesson incorporate literacy and writing, it can also give you a chance to talk to students about why people create art and how it makes them feel.  Here is my second collage in the style of Teesha Moore.

I got a wonderful email from Teesha when I wrote to ask permission to use her images for my powerpoint!  So... I decided to create this lesson for my sixth graders.

Teesha Moore

to me
of course it is ok.  thanks for asking but I am thrilled to know that the creativity is being spread around.  thanks for everything you do to help these kids get more in touch with their creative sides.

Click HERE to find the pdf for the lesson plan and a document for ideas for motivational ideas.  You can also find the steps on the power point above.   You can also find this lesson on my webpage  HERE.  Look for student work to come.

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