Monday, March 2, 2015

Mondrian Madness

Kindergarten students looked at a lot of paintings by Piet Mondrian that I had on the smartboard.  We picked out the things that were "the same" or consistent in all of his work.  They came up with these things....

He used:
Primary colors (red, yellow and blue)
Vertical and Horizontal black lines
Squares and Rectangles

So I gave my students a half sheet of sheet music to cut into squares and rectangles only.  These were glued onto a 9 x 12 white sheet of paper.  They used red, yellow and blue oil pastels to outline and create more squares and rectangles.  We printed the black lines with a piece of cardstock and black tempera paint.

Not all students understood the vertical and horizontal, so I did a follow up lesson using cut 1" black strips of construction paper, and various sizes of red, blue and yellow squares and rectangles. I gave each student  5 black lines to construct their grid first.  Their challenge was to create a mobile (a hanging piece of work) using a glue stick.  Here are some at work......

Here are some of the finished Mondrian Mobiles.... they are hanging in our hallway.

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  1. I Love your take on Mondrian with sheet music, oil pastel and printed black lines!