Friday, January 9, 2015

Coffee Filter Hearts

Second graders LOVED using the coffee filters to create their symmetrical hearts!  They couldn't stop talking about how cool it was that the markers "bled" through to the other side, producing exact images of what they drew.  Here's how they did it..

*  Each student folded 3 coffee filters in half and cut a heart shape.  They designed each heart individually by wetting both sides with a damp rag.  Using a paper towel underneath their heart (colors will bleed through) they designed one side, making sure to use a lot of color and fill up the white space.  Once the heart was opened, they dried quickly!  One class session was spent designing and gluing the hearts on a white 12 x 18 paper.

*  The second class session we discussed the finishing process.  Each heart had to have a distinctive decorative border.  The backgrounds were designed using two different elements and two colors; one small idea, and one medium size idea.  Kids are just amazing when it comes to being creative!  I got some cool ideas!  Check out our results!  Some looked like they were tie-dyed!

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  1. Loved doing this with my students, as my birthday happens to be on Valentine's Day!