Friday, January 16, 2015

Collage Hearts

I gave my students an 8" x 8" cardboard square and challenged them to create an eye appealing collage using the "heart" as inspiration.  I had all kinds of painted papers, scrapbook paper, printed images, and some of my art examples that I cut up to use.  I also have treasure tubs in my room. These tubs are full of goodies that parents donate and I just can't throw out.

The REALLY challenging part for kids is to be selective when choosing things to put into their composition.  Once they see the treasure tub and all of it's contents, they have a tendency to want to put everything on their collage.  I tell them, that just because they like it, doesn't mean it will go well with their composition.  I limit them to nothing more than 1/2 inch high and it has to be adhered with elmer's glue.  We do not use glue guns.  They were also allowed to draw with markers anything they wanted to add to their work. These were accomplished in two 40 minutes class sessions.

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