Friday, January 23, 2015

Love Bunnies

"Kindies" (I call the kindergarten this) spent a class session using a sponge and learning about "stippling".  After passing out sponges, white paint, and a paint palette (I use recycled half sheets of copy paper whenever we paint with less than 3 colors, because they can just throw them away when done and NO clean up!) we began stippling our rabbits on pink paper.   I did it step by step with them in this order...

1.  In the middle of the paper stipple an oval for the head.
2.  Connect the head to a larger oval for the body.
3.  Add the legs and front paws.
4.  Stipple the ears.  I showed them floppy ears as well as straight ears.

The second class session, we used a black marker to illustrate the details.  Small lines created the furry texture, and each student created there own face.  Don't forget the whiskers!  We used markers to add the hearts and I told them to be creative in how they added them to their painting.  You could use any media, oil pastels, more paint, get the idea.

These turned out SO adorable!

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