Monday, January 26, 2015

Haring Kids

This lesson is new for me and I was inspired by one of the other art teachers in our district when she was sharing.  We looked at my power point on Keith Haring and used his figures as inspiration for these cool paintings.  We began by painting the backgrounds any way students wanted.  I used Crayola's educational watercolors because they contain 24 pans of color and are much brighter than regular watercolors.

The second session we spent painting figures.  We struck some "poses" in class, then took some time sketching at least 3 different poses.  Once they got the one they liked, they painted them on their painted papers.  They chose one stamp and used the same color paint to create more interest in the background.

We weren't finished yet!  We spent a third class session outlining the figures with oil pastels.  They had to choose a color that would make the figure stand out.  Then, they used more oil pastels and many colors to outline the background colors.  We finished by adding 3 lines of glitter somewhere on the figures.  The layers just look gorgeous!

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