Friday, January 23, 2015

Flowers from the Heart

My first graders loved this lesson.  It took two 40 minute class periods. Here's how we did it....

1.  Each chose a stamp and with a marker, stamped around the edge of the paper, staying as close to the edge as possible and keeping the stamp shapes close as well.  ( I made my own stamps years ago using foam and gluing the foam to a small square block of wood.  I got 4 stamps on each block.)  I have had these forever, and this gives them a choice when they get a stamp block.
2.  Then they chose two other colors of markers and followed around the stamp as closely as possible, letting the edge of the stamp dictate the path of the line.  They used a total of three colors to enhance the frame.
3.  Using black sharpie they drew and designed three hearts at the top of their paper, then drew stems and leaves.  I left the colors up to them.  These little people LOVE designing!

Check out some of their work!


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